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What’s So Special About A Newsletter?


Newsletters may not be “sexy” but they’ve been an integral part of building businesses for decades

Your newsletter is your secret weapon because:

1. Newsletters keep your customers coming back. Keeping your customers means making more sales. On average it takes multiple contacts with a person before they feel comfortable enough to buy from you. We all know that. But did you know that once you’ve gotten a customer to trust you enough to buy from you, you don’t have to “win them over” again? All you need to do is stay in touch and they will remember you the next time they want to buy from you! Simple and profitable!

2. Newsletters make it really easy to attract new customers. People enjoy being “the one in the know” so if you create a helpful, easy to read, and informative newsletter each month, your customers will love being the “one in the know” and will pass your newsletter around to friends and family. That increases referrals and brings more customers to your store! Plus, those customers will already have a good opinion of you and will be more likely to make purchases and listen to your recommendations!

3. Newsletters don’t trigger a defensive reaction.  Most people are overwhelmed with advertising every single day of their lives. They’ve gotten really good at tuning out most messages. As a matter of fact, when a message comes on, or arrives in their email inbox or mail box, their guard immediately goes up. They become defensive because they are expecting a sales pitch. But, that doesn’t happen with a newsletter. If done right, a newsletter will be something they look forward to each month. Fill your newsletter  with interesting and helpful information and people will look forward to getting it every month!

4. Newsletters highlight your expertise.  When people receive your well written newsletter filled with helpful articles they start to think of you as an expert. That’s huge because when people want to make purchases they want expert advice. A newsletters is the absolute best way to showcase your expertise and continue to build your credibility.

5. Newsletters make brand building easy.  Building your brand is all about creating the image of you and your products and services that you want people to have. You want people to have a positive reaction when they think of, or talk about, your store. A newsletter is the best way to accomplish that.. period!

But, Newsletters Only Work If You Use Them The Right Way!

  • Send them out every single month

  • Fill them with helpful articles

  • Don't make the newsletters "salesy"

  • Plan on using your newsletters for as long as you own your business

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Putting A Newsletter Out Every Month Is Time Consuming… Let Us Do It For You

You probably don’t have time to put together a newsletter every month, which is why many business owners miss out.  But we can do it all for you – this is how it works…

1. Sign up by clicking one of the signup buttons on this page. You will be taken to a secure order form. We use only the most trusted online payment source to process payments so you stay secure!

2. You will receive your first issue within 24 hours on non-holiday weekdays. If you order over the weekend, you’ll have your first issue on the next business day. After that, you’ll get a new issue sent right to your inbox on the first of each month!

3. This is a month to month subscription. You stay subscribed as long as you choose!

4. Each month you’ll get your newsletter in 2 formats. The first format is html. This format is easy to upload to your email service and send out to your list. The second format is a PDF which is easy to print out and upload to your website!

5. If you want to make any changes, go ahead, you can do what you want!

Our Newsletter Service Does All The Work For You…

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Tina GroveHi, my name is Tina Grove and I’ve been in business for over 13 years. In that time I’ve learned a lot about the highs and lows of owning my own business.

I started my online career as a free lance writer. I worked mostly in the health and wellness fields – private practice chiropractors and audiologists.

I quickly realized that these doctors were missing out on a huge opportunity to help their patients and grow their practice.

Just by keeping in touch with past patients and giving them helpful information, they could dramatically increase retention and referrals rates!

That is how Newsletter Marketing Solutions was born!

Since then I’ve expanded my business to include businesses that are in the health and wellness industry.

Today our newsletter clients include private practice chiropractors, audiologists, physicians as well as medical supply companies and health food stores.

Over the years I’ve helped businesses from around the world get more out the assets they already have — customers who already trust them!

I can help you get more out of your business too!

Contact me with any questions you have, and don’t forget to request a sample newsletter!

Let Us Grow Your Business!

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